How do you make a diaper cake that you can give to an expecting couple?  Watch this video to see how you can make a fun and practical gift that will be a hit at any baby shower and is guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of future parents.

Some tips for your diaper cake:

Theme - It’s fun to give your diaper cake a theme.  If the parents have a registry, take a look at it to determine if they have a theme (or at least a color preference) for their nursery.  If they don’t have any preferences, you can still pick a theme (animals, flowers, cars, princesses, etc.) for your cake.

Supplies - The supplies you choose can vary based on your budget.  You can do a basic cake (diapers and ribbons only) for around $30.  With a larger budget, you can add in other little gifts.
Construction Tips - Take one diaper roll and put a rubber band around it.  Then put another diaper roll inside the same rubber band, one at a time, until the first diaper is surrounded by a circle of diapers.  Be sure diapers on outside circle are all facing the same direction so that they look uniform.  (This is particularly important if you’re using diapers with any logo or design on them.)

Decorating Tips - Get creative and have fun with ideas for decorating your cake!  In addition to the ideas shown in this video, you can: 
  • Wedge small toys, bibs or other small items into cracks between diapers
  • Top the cake with a big bow, with ribbons that hang down on all sides.
  • Substitute ribbon with lacy baby headbands
  • Set up toy blocks spelling out the baby’s name around the edges of one of the diaper layers
  • If bringing to a baby shower, have the guests write pieces of advice for the new parents and tuck them in between the diapers.

Stacking Tips - Stabilize dowel in center of bottom (largest) layer.   Stack other layers on top, using dowel as center mark.  Place cake topper on top layer.  If you’re using a stuffed animal, tie a ribbon around its neck to secure it to the dowel.  If the dowel is taller than the cake topper, trim it down so that it doesn’t show.  For transporting the cake, separate the layers and restack them at your destination.  It keeps the cake from toppling or getting disturbed in transit.

Other Tips - I like to add a card listing all the ‘ingredients’ used in making the cake.  It adds to the presentation and helps the parents sort the items once they dismantle the cake.

If you have questions or would like to order a custom diaper cake, you can email for more information.

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