Need more hard drive space?  Watch this video to see how you can free up disk space on your computer by clearing out Final Cut Pro X's render files.

The best time to clear out your render files is once a project is done... right before archiving the project and event off to a disk drive for long term storage.  For large projects, this will clear up a significant amount of disk space since rendering is done by default in ProRes 422.  Don't worry about deleting these files in case you want to return to the project in the future.  You can always render again.

If you need some extra space while still working on a project, check the "Unused Render Files Only" button.  This will clear out all of the Render Files with the project except for the ones that are currently being used by the project's timeline. 

The software version of Final Cut Pro X used in this video is 10.0.5, but this works in all previous versions.

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