Are you tired of your screenshots always being saved to the Desktop on the Mac? Watch this video to see how to change the location where screenshots are saved on macOS. You'll need to be running macOS Mojave to make this change.

For more information on screenshots in macOS, check out this page.

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How do you take a video editing project that you began in iMovie for iOS on your iPhone or iPad and move it to Final Cut Pro X on macOS?  Watch this video to get an overview of the steps you'll need to take to convert or transfer your mobile project to the desktop.

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A few more thoughts have popped up since my blog post about what I would like to see in the next major revision of Final Cut Pro X.

So, without further ado, here are some additions to my recent list:


Integrate iCloud

Cloud services are not to the point of easily storing everything for video editing in the cloud for a professional user who might work on several projects with a lot of footage, but... I think there are some things that could be stored in iCloud that would allow Final Cut Pro X to start using the cloud.  Those things could be:

  • Destinations and any associated logins/passwords
  • Roles
  • Keyboard Groups
  • The Project Library (aside from the media and render files of course)
  • Custom Effects (and custom settings for effects)

Versioning of Projects

It would be great if Final Cut Pro X could utilize OS X’s versioning for files, where a user can go back in time to recover a previous version of a document.  This could be valuable for editors.  Maybe it could even lock down and identify specific cuts (e.g. “First Cut”, “Second Cut”)

Timecode Reader Effect

There’s a real need for professionals to have a Timecode Reader Effect, which would show the timecode from the original media that the video was recorded on.  I still have a need to deliver window burns (video with burned in timecode) to clients so that they can refer to the original footage for editing notes or suggestions.  Right now, I don't have a solution for this.

Custom Shape Mask

The circular mask works great for a lot of color corrections, but being able to draw a custom shape with control points and Bezier handles like in Motion would really make color correction more powerful.  I believe this can be done by third party products, but it’d be great to have it built in to the software.

Setups for Window Layouts

I would love to have presets for Final Cut Pro X window layouts, just as previous versions of Final Cut Pro did.  Being able to quickly move between a color correction setup, a keywording/Event setup and a Project Library/Timeline setup for editing would be great. That would make me a faster and more efficient editor.  Dragging the edges of windows around to make the right layout is easy, but something I don't wish to do often.

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